GPS satellite inside - who needs it?

Good question! When I heard for the first time satellite GPS signal Repeater - devices that allow you to use GPS devices inside a building - not quite "get it".

I.e., I could pick up GPS signals inside my house my TomTom would work as well as if if abroad. Mmmm - even in a stupor 3 I cannot find my bathroom in time to avoid one major disaster - without the need for a satnav system.

Therefore set about to determine who would benefit from a GPS satellite signal while that indoors; I soon discovered that the old maxim "the more you see, more time" is never more relevant in this context.

Besides the carefree, somewhat impertinent example using TomTom (other satnav devices are available) to find the bathroom, there is a serious and compelling to the story side. Needless to say, using satnav in the home does not qualify as a compelling reason to use a GPS repeater system.

First - let's define a repetition of GPS system: a relay is a device that transmits GPS signals to any indoor location that is not normally accessible. There is an outdoor antenna to pick up GPS satellite signals from its roof and a coaxial cable carries the signal inside the building to a small unit, electrical, Repeater. The repeater unit re-radiates the GPS signal indoors, usually covering a radius of up to 20 meters.

Consider the following applications and see if any other situations where internal GPS signal would be useful (or even crucial) spring to mind.

• Fire and rescue stations: a repeater system installed on a fire station ensures that navigation satellite in vehicles of rescue equipment is "locked to the GPS satellite service at all times while that inside". This means when go out of station "in a cry" satnav devices have no expect perhaps three or four minutes to acquire satellite signals - possibly qualifies as a "critical" situation.

• Maintenance hangars: internal GPS signal allows on-board satellite navigation equipment to be tested indoors without having to push the aircraft out to pick up a signal. Perhaps not crucial in the sense of life or death, but would save much time and effort if aircraft can remain inside until fully tested and ready to go.

• Personal communication devices: Similar to the application of fire and rescue; When inside a police station are effectively "out of the grid" as soon as the command and control center refers. Their radio devices these days are much more than walkie-talkies; they have GPS chips in them giving the coordinates of location are constantly relayed to the control room. A GPS relay at a police station means that command and control staff has a more complete picture of where are their (official) resources. It could be said that it is a crucial situation in certain circumstances.

• Computer and electronic test facility: so many systems contain GPS chips incorporated these days, similar aircraft test sample, each system has to be taken out to be tested. If the GPS signal is available within the workshop, each device can fully test without having to leave the comfort and safety of the workshop. Useful as opposed to crucial; but it is still easy to see the benefits.

So it is true, the more you see, most see. I look forward to getting more Eureka moments in the future as they appear new applications for this technology.

To find out more about this technology, and what are your options to apply to your environment, please take a look at

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What is the best GPS vehicle on the market?

Do you want to know what is the best GPS vehicle on the market? Well, I'm going to try to answer that question in this article. In fact, is probably not a question that can be completely answered, however. Let me tell you why.

On the one hand, the idea of being the best GPS vehicle in the market depends on your needs and your budget. Suppose I said that a Garmin nuvi 755 was the best GPS. Well, currently sells for a little less than $200 on Amazon. But what happens if you can not afford... or don't want to? Do means the GPS to buy is going to be garbage? I don't think that is what we mean when we say "better GPS".

Thus, instead of saying that a model in particular is the best, take a look at a range of models, cheap, final moderately price and higher.

Best vehicle GPS: cheap models

The TomTom ease before it reached the market, it would have granted this position to one of the Garmins. But the TomTom ease is really a step in the right direction. All what I consider essential in a best GPS vehicle has, but it is not expensive at all.

Best vehicle GPS: moderate pricing models

I know that many people would be award in this category to one of the many models of Garmin, but here, I have to go with Magellan. Probably something like the Magellan Maestro 4700. The cost is $150 at the time of writing this article. You have all the whistles and you could want. You know, widescreen display, Bluetooth, etc. And you have access to the Triple A Tour Book, if you are a member. I am partial to the Triple A, so I like that feature.

Best vehicle GPS: models high-end

As usual, the high-end belongs to Garmin. Personally, my vote for the best GPS vehicle in this category goes to the Garmin nüvi 1690. I really like all the features of this device! You can use public transport, and also in the cities of select "tourist", you can use it as a pedestrian. Of course, has other things as well.

Thus, although we cannot say definitely that is the best overall vehicle GPS, we can talk about what are great choices in different categories I have here. Buy any of these three! You're not going bad.

For more information about how to choose the best GPS unit, take a look at my new website.

Rick Cole is a true GPS enthusiast! Take a look at its Web site for more information about the best GPS navigation systems!

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Handheld GPS - Top 5 benefits

You are thinking of buying a portable GPS, but they are not positive if this is a good decision? Then you need to learn some of the major benefits of having one of these GPS units.

There are many benefits to know and help you make a more informed decision about whether to get one or not. These are the major benefits you need to know to help make a decision much easier.

One: Take with you - you can take anywhere you need to go with a handheld device. This allows you to always find addresses where necessary and prevents that thieves steal the GPS.

Two: Do not get lost - this is a great benefit because nobody likes being lost in an area that is not familiar with them. With a GPS that you can carry with you this will not be a problem for you already.

Now you can go anywhere and know that you can find your way. Also if you get lost because you have not used the GPS you can help you find your way back out.

Three: Emergencies - when you're out for himself that never know when will happen an emergency. By having a GPS authorities be able to identify your exact location, so it can get to you much faster.

This is a very important benefit because you can literally save your life since you will get help to you rather than them spending valuable time looking for its location.

Four: Travel planning - many people will use their GPS to help them plan their trips outside the city. This can be really useful especially for someone who travels a lot for reasons of business or in your personal life.

Five: Move to a new area - if you move to a new area that is not familiar with then your GPS can help you learn your way around your new home.

Since it is likely that you have to find your way to work and other important places, being able to find their way around a new city will definitely benefit you. In addition to a GPS you know around much faster than you would if you do not.

These are the most important benefits you need to know about. Now that you know these benefits you can see why everyone is getting a portable GPS. Now time is before you decide if having your own drive GPS benefit you and make your life easier.

kV Chaudhary is an electronic engineer with masters of business administration at Commerce. It has more than 25 years of experience of working in technical positions in the United States Senior. Your GPS [] website is the best shop in GPS to buy, Garmin GPS, automotive GPS systems, Handheld GPS fish Finder [], GPS, marine electronics, accessories and Camping supplies.

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Never miss again while cycling using a bike GPS unit

When we think about the advances that technology has made in the last quarter of a century, most people are amazed. When first created the global positioning system was essentially a system of military satellite, of navigation used by the Department of Defense United States. Now, the GPS has progressed at a commercial level. You will find a GPS system on almost any cell phone, and a significant percentage of new vehicles now have the option of having a mobile GPS system installed. One of the new uses for GPS technology is with bike GPS. Cycling continues to increase in popularity as well, with the technology that goes along with it. These handheld GPS systems have little become the final consumer purchase.

GPS navigation systems use between 24 and 32 satellites orbiting the Earth. These satellites have been placed to transmit locations, via microwave, appointed receivers GPS signals. What this means is, if you have a GPS receiver satellite will be able to identify its exact location. This is ideal when a person is travelling through unknown territory. It doesn't matter if they are traveling on foot and with a portable GPS system. You can travel by car and using a navigation system. Some people will travel on their bikes throughout the countryside and use your bike GPS to determine the correct path.

A cyclist who habitually uses his bike GPS system can also use the navigation system to determine beyond the right way. Most GPS systems that were created for cyclists were created with some additional features. One of these features is the possibility to download the course rode that day. Once downloaded the course in a particular software program may know exactly the number of miles traveled that day. The majority of cyclists will be tract your mileage at the end of each lap. If cyclists finds a route which are extremely pleased with them they can enter on your computer for future reference. Another feature that makes this theme so great is that some bike GPS systems allows you to race a virtual machine. Your unit lets you know how that compares to the virtual machine by measuring its distant, times and Cadence. This usually livens up any ride.

Brenda Fanning owns and manages several technology websites including

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Avoiding jams with portable GPS systems

We all know that the portable GPS systems are incredibly useful tools for you through villages and towns that are not familiar. Simply enter an address, and your system GPS will get per turn instructions to its location.

But today's portable GPS systems can do even more than this. They can help ensure that your path to the date of dinner, movie, business meeting or sporting event is to be free from problems as possible.

That's because today most end portable GPS units receive traffic information in real time. This information sent directly to your GPS unit, will quickly alert you to the jams of traffic, construction of roads or serious accidents between you and your destination. With this information, you end top GPS portable system can estimate how much more will take to reach its destination.

Better still, the GPS unit can tell you how to prevent construction or traffic accidents. If you ask, your portable GPS unit will quickly calculate a new route to your destination, prevents any problematic damn road or traffic snarling motor accident.

With portable GPS units today, there is really no reason to be late for any event anymore.

Of course, GPS systems that can receive data from traffic are not cheap. In fact, often it will cost $500 or more. Some systems, such as the top by Magellan, Garmin and TomTom models can cost more than $1,500.

You'll have to decide how much you are willing to spend for a portable GPS system that is based on traffic information in real time. Do they spend most of their work week traveling to business meetings, either locally or in unfamiliar? Are you a vendor who works more or less out of your car?

If so, you may find that you want a GPS system that can receive traffic data in real time. If, however, they are more than one controller for recreation and only use your GPS system when you're on vacation or trip to an unknown city or town, real-time traffic information is not a necessary feature.

Look at your own driving habits to buy GPS systems. It is the best way to make sure you're buying the right system for you.

Mike Narsons likes to write articles about portable GPS systems on its website, review of the portable GPS system.

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Marine GPS - what you should know

You've no doubt heard of car GPS or even portable GPS systems, but it may not be aware that there are also Marine GPS units. GPS stands for "Global Positioning System". This system is basically a set of satellites. Ranging from the world twice a day, and that convey information about the location and time. Communicate with the units of the marine and other types of GPS units to help it find its place or easily find out how to get to another location. For those who are planning to travel out of the water, these GPS units are definitely a wonderful option.

For thousands of years, many sailors travelling out of the sea have used the stars as a guide. However, you can now use Marine GPS units to help you find your way. These units allow you to see exactly where you are and find where you need to go. Even excellent sailors have faded in the water, so having large marine units definitely can be a great idea and is an essential part of your computer that should be taken along when the water comes out.

If you're going to buy Marine GPS units, there are a variety of things you need to know. If you're going to spend money, then definitely you will want to make sure that it comes with many features. Find out whether or not these are features you need. If the GPS has more features that you really need, it is an idea best to go with a model that is less expensive and has only the features you really need. It is also a great idea to compare the prices of the units before you buy so you get a great idea.

You will not only find Marine GPS units are excellent for those who travel by water, but are excellent for fishermen as well. These units will not only help with location, but many of them help to locate where the fish are. They offer information on where are the best places for fishing, so you can find where the fishing is best going to be. While you will find that these units are quite expensive if they are fishing for livelihood, can definitely be worth the price you will pay.

When you are looking for Marine GPS units, you will find that there are many great options available today. Take a look at the local sporting goods stores or perhaps take a look on the internet. No doubt you will find that there are many varieties to choose. It's a great idea to do some research before purchasing units. Find out about the best companies, the features you need and of course knows what can happen. Together these things can help you make the right choice of the variety of excellent marine units that are available.

Dennis Frank writes informative articles on a variety of interesting topics, including information on units of Marine GPS []

To learn more about a handheld marine Gps, please visit Marine GPS portable []

You can use this article in your site or publication if you let these credits exactly as they appear here.

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GPS navigation equipment

Development of system of Global Positioning (GPS) started in 1973, and by the time
the system was officially operational in 1995 thousands of British ships already carried GPS receivers.

In many respects GPS has solved the problems of the coup fixing position, giving continuous coverage from around the world with an accuracy of about 15 meters. The GPS constellation consists of some two dozen satellites - the number varies as break down old satellites and launch new - in orbit at an altitude of almost 11,000 nautical miles. Each satellite continually transmits a signal encoded in microwave frequencies two - about ten times higher than the Marine VHF - including a message that says 'I am here' and 'now is the time'. Codes used in the two frequencies are different and only one, called the code of the CA (for bulk acquisition), available for civilian receivers, but your messages are essentially the same.

The signal takes to travel from the satellite to the receiver, so it gets a little more later than what was sent. Microwave, like any other type of radio waves travel at a nearly constant rate of 162000 NM per second, so the difference between the time of transmission and reception time corresponds to the distance between the satellite and the receiver. If not a tenth of a second after that the signal was sent, the receiver is 16200 miles from satellite-, is at the surface of a sphere with a radius of miles 16200, centered on the satellite.

Do the same with another satellite gives a second sphere intersects the first to produce a circle. The only place where the receiver can be at the same time in both areas is somewhere in that circle. Repeat the process with a third satellite narrows the possible position to two points and a fourth satellite removes any possible ambiguity.

Thus, at least, is what would happen if the internal clock of the receiver was precisely synchronized with the atomic clocks of the satellites, but in practice that is not the case. When we are dealing with radio waves, so little as 0.0001 seconds synchronization errors are enough to produce large errors in distance, so that areas of the position initially not intersect at a point, but form a three-dimensional version of the traditional 'cocked hat' navigator. The GPS receiver is designed to recognize this problem, identify the most likely cause as clock error and adjust accordingly to your own clock until all spheres of the position intersect as they should.

The geometry of GPS receivers

In order to produce a correction, a receiver GPS requires signals from four satellites. Most, however, is managed by only three, using the surface of the Earth as one of the areas of the position. This is called a 2D (two-dimensional) solution, and although it may be

acceptable for the navigation, is generally less accurate than a complete 3D solution, because the Earth is not a pure geometric form as areas of the satellite range.

There are several ways in which the set of GPS equipment can be supplied with three or more signals of satellite, of which the most obvious is to connect to multiple separate microwave receivers. An alternative is to have a single receiver 'listening' to each of several satellites at the same time - called multiplexing.

DGPS Differential GPS

All errors can afford, as - you know about them. The downside is that many of the mistakes that afflict GPS are seemingly random and changing, so calibration (on records) or correction (in terms of compasses) tables do not work. The solution is to use reference stations fixed land-based to monitor the GPS signals and transmit messages of correction that can be received and applied automatically by any properly equipped GPS receiver.

This complementary system is generically known as differential GPS (DGPS).

In theory, DGPS corrections may be transmitted by any means but in practice most of the reference stations DGPS is in radio address search sites beacons transmitting on the same frequencies.

DGPS corrections may also be transmitted via communication satellites.


in everyday language, one could take 'accurate to within 15 meters' in the sense of 'all corrections are fifteen metres from the true position'. A more detailed look at a succession of corrections in a browser stationary shows that this can be misleading, because it is probable that it disperses. Sometimes different types of error cancel each other, giving solutions close to the true position. Sometimes errors add to produce bad arrangements and occasionally a number of unusually large errors accumulate to produce a rogue.

It would not be reasonable to mention the accuracy of the system on the basis of the worst solution, since it ignores the majority who are much better, but it wouldn't also realistic to refer only to repair luck happens to be correct. For the majority of weekends accuracies are quoted in terms of percentage error circles or using a statistical measure called 'sigma'.

SPOT Satellite Messenger

SPOT Satellite Messenger are one of the most recent developments of this technology. First are devices of communications satellite, in second place, location of emergency using GPS technology, GPS navigation equipment allowing you to save waypoints and SMS enabled as a maritime mobile phone transmitters.

Where to buy GPS navigation equipment? has a lot of resources for commercial navigation and public alike.

The web is a vast source of information. Boatpartsdatabase collects industry marine leisure in a huge database of contacts. SM group marine electronic equipment is just one example.

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